IHE Certified Professional – IHE Foundations: The Technikum Wien Academy training program supports integrated care by interoperable IT and medical technology

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE Austria) has set itself the goal of improving healthcare provision through its IHE integration profiles for data sharing in the healthcare sector. The profiles are used globally and recommended by the EU Commission. They create smooth interfaces between different data systems and thus ensure interoperability in the health care sector. All about IHE and how to make best use of the profiles can now be learned in the IHE Certified Professional Program. The Technikum Wien Academy is the first and only IHE accredited training provider worldwide for the IHE Certified Professional - IHE Foundations Level Exam.

The health sector is facing challenges with demographic change and increasing chronic diseases. In order to be able to offer high-quality health services, digital change and innovative e-health applications are essential. However, this urgently requires uniform data standards in IT and medical technology to ensure efficient and smooth data exchange also known as interoperability.

The IHE - Certified Professional – IHE Foundations course of the Technikum Wien Academy aims at exactly this. The course is part of the IHE Certified Professional Program, tailored to the needs of healthcare IT professionals who work with software products based on IHE profiles. This also includes those who work for healthcare service providers or software development companies or who are consultants in system integration.

The preparatory course covers all topics relevant to the multiple-choice IHE Foundations Exam. Depending on previous knowledge and learning speed, participants need approximately four to six days to complete the course. The exam is then taken online at GASQ.

The IHE Certified Professionals are qualified to identify IHE profiles and apply the IHE methodology (ISO / TR 28380) to enable interoperability for existing and new healthcare environments, thereby increasing overall quality and efficiency in the healthcare sector.

About Technikum Wien Academy

The Technikum Wien Academy has been the provider since 2005 when it comes to sound, job-oriented training and further education in technology and digitization. In addition to seminars and certifications, the Academy offers six postgraduate master courses and two academic courses. The Technikum Wien Academy is a 100% subsidiary of the Technikum Wien University of Applied Sciences. All information and details about the course at https://academy.technikum-wien.at/zertifizierungen/ihe-certified-professionalihe-foundations/ 

About the IHE Certified Professional Program

The IHE Certified Professional Program (IHE-CPP) provides professional certification, supporting individuals in demonstrating their IHE-related knowledge. After successfully passing the examination, participants receive an IHE Certified Professional Certificate for the particular exam taken. For example, those successfully passing the first exam offered, the IHE Foundations Exam, will receive the IHE Certified Professional – IHE Foundations certificate. See details at https://www.ihe.net/education/ihecertified-professional-program/ 

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