Harps Global Unveils New Sempermed Brand Identity

A brand reinfording commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service

HARPS Global today officially revealed the new visual identity of the Sempermed brands at the Medica trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. For over 100 years, Sempermed has built a strong legacy within the glove industry. The new brand identity carries forward this rich heritage while modernizing and setting the tone for future market ventures in a global marketplace. The re-branding initiative is part of Sempermed’s broader strategy to enhance its market presence, reinforce its position as a leader in the disposable glove industry, and establish a strong base for future expansions beyond gloves.

Sempermed is proud to unveil the new logo, emphasizing the word “semper”, meaning “always” in Latin, reflecting our long-term focus on quality, reliability and customer service, as well as a renewed dedication to excellence. The new, progressive logo is inspired by the infinity symbol representing our limitless purposeful creativity in exploring and developing unique solutions for our customers. The redesigned visual identity showcases a vibrant blueish-green color scheme, representing the company's strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility through eco-friendly manufacturing practices and innovations. A striking gold accent has been incorporated, symbolizing our gold standards for excellence and the strong affiliation with our esteemed parent company, HARPS. By adopting this color scheme, Sempermed aims to convey its dedication to a greener future and its alignment with the sustainability goals of its parent company.

This bold change is much more than a logo tweak; it is a conscious departure that reinforces the company’s uniqueness, ambitions, and focus on its core values. It is a change that comes with a promise to offer best-in-class products to our customers and stay at the forefront of innovation. To deliver on that promise, starting early next year, most Sempermed examination gloves will be marketed with an AQL of 1.0. Additionally, we will be expanding our chemotherapy protection claims with best-in-class testing for cytotoxic drugs. Finally, With HARPS’ and Sempermed’s combined research and development expertise, customers can expect a renewed focus on innovation with six new gloves to be launched in the next months and more to come.

With this rebranding HARPS and Sempermed have proven, in less than 100 days of combined operations, that they are stronger together and here to stay. The new logo and visual identity will be gradually implemented across all company communications, marketing materials, and product packaging.


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