Gregor Binder is appointed Financial Director at AOP Health

In April 2023, Gregor Binder assumed his role as Financial Director at AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals GmbH (AOP Health), taking charge of the company’s financial strategy. Originally from Lower Austria, he graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business with a Master’s degree in International Management/CEMS and from the University of Vienna with a degree in law, before working as a tax adviser and auditor and spending 10 years in the financial sector.

Prior to joining AOP Health, Gregor Binder worked in controlling for an international group and was a director at a global tax consulting and auditing firm. He chose to join AOP Health as it would allow him to play an active role in shaping the company and its future.


“I find the company’s pioneering spirit and its ambitious goals inspiring. I want to be part of its success story and I’m convinced that finance, above everything else, is key to AOP Health’s long-term success. As such, I consider it my duty to create and nurture optimal financial structures to ensure AOP Health’s future growth.”

Growth: ambitious yet healthy

In terms of success, AOP Health’s new Financial Director explains how important it is that it be based on goals that allow for healthy and sustainable growth: “It is crucial that growth be planned in a way that optimally builds on the company’s strengths and that the opportunities and risks it encounters along the way be identified early on,” says Binder. He sees digitalization as having great potential to further optimize the financial sector and promote quick, data-driven decision-making processes.

 Another key to success, explains Binder, is leadership: “I aim to motivate and nurture my team. When employees really understand the goals and make them their own, you create a powerful dynamic that allows each and every person to achieve outstanding results and to play their part in the successful development of the company as a whole.”

 AOP Health’s CEO Bernhard Nachbaur considers Gregor Binder to be the ideal person to further the company’s financial strategy: “Gregor Binder perfectly combines business and legal know-how, making him the ideal addition to the management team. He has a deep understanding of financial processes, is a proven expert in the tax and accounting field and brings with him a great deal of enthusiasm, team spirit and sense of innovation. We’re delighted to have been able to win him for AOP Health.”


“Gregor Binder perfectly combines business and legal know-how, making him the ideal addition to the management team."

About AOP Health

The AOP Health Group incorporates several companies including AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals GmbH with its seat in Vienna, Austria (“AOP Health”). The AOP Health Group is the European pioneer for integrated therapies for rare diseases and in critical care. Over the past 25 years, the Group has become an established provider of integrated therapy solutions operating from its headquarters in Vienna, its subsidiaries and representative offices throughout Europe and the Middle East, as well as through partners worldwide. The claim “Needs. Science. Trust.” sums up the foundation of the Group’s success: establishing trust through a continually high level of investment in research and development and a highly consistent and pragmatic orientation towards the needs of all stakeholders – especially the patients and their families as well as the healthcare professionals treating them.

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