Grapevine World Premieres at the Cleveland Connectathon (USA)

Grapevine World made its debut as an Official Partner of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) at the Cleveland Connectathon in January. The IHE is a worldwide network of healthcare professionals, promoting the use of international standards to drive the interoperability of IT systems within the healthcare industry.

Connectathons are annual testing events, held in the US, Asia and Europe, where manufacturers test the interoperability of their software with other systems. Successful completion of a Connectathon is a prerequisite for participation in public tenders for IHE-compliant projects.

The Cleveland Connectathon took place 15th – 19th January 2018, where Grapevine World was presented as an official IHE partner for the first time.

Grapevine World drives interoperability

Grapevine World’s team and goals were presented as part of a “Plug-a-thon” – a special event devoted to interoperability and blockchain.

Attendees learned about Grapevine World’s innovative new ecosystem, in which both blockchain and IHE standards are leveraged to unite companies, industries and technologies in a fully interoperable, decentralized and global data exchange.

Growing interest in IHE standards

The initial focus is on the healthcare sector, but Grapevine World and the IHE are already working to expand to other verticals.

During a live exchange with an Integrating the Publishing Environment (IPE) event in Leiden, Holland, Grapevine World CEO Martin Tiani explained how the energy sector is exploring IHE profiles:

“The first steps into the future have already been taken. For example, profiles for the energy industry will be tested for the first time at the European Connectathon in April 2018. Only with IHE standards is it possible to seamlessly combine technologies and concepts such as IoT and Blockchain.”

The European Connectathon will take place 17th – 18th April in The Hague, Holland.

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