Grapevine World gains traction: New members are reinforcing the Advisory Board

Having launched only last year, the ambitious initiative to build a global, interoperable health data exchange is already adding new partners and advisory board members.

New advisory board members bring international expertise
The advisory board has been extended by four new members, each bringing considerable multinational experience in the fields of Interoperability, Blockchain, HealthFinTech, Cybersecurity and Cryptoeconomics.

Jim St. Clair is CTO at The Dinocrates Group and leads the Blockchain Advisory Service. He is also the founder of the Institute for Healthcare Financial Technology. With his expertise in Blockchain technology, health fintech, cyber risk and security, an experienced insider takes a seat on the Grapevine Advisory Board. “Dinocrates Blockchain Advisory Services help guide customers through the understanding, application and adoption of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology” says St.Clair. “The strategic partnership with Grapevine will help establish global reach in offering comprehensive technical and strategic solutions”.

Prof. André Fenton is Professor of Neural Science and Director of the Neurobiology Laboratory for Cognitive Science at New York University. As the founder, president and CEO of BioSignal Group Corp he sees the need for global networking in science: “Neuropsychiatric and other medical challenges are fundamentally biological problems, meaning they are best understood and assessed at multiple levels of biological organization. Unfortunately, in practice it is very difficult to bring together expertise from different levels. Also, the information processes are not uniform and not always comprehensible for everyone involved. The lack of data interoperability adds to this problem. A problem that Grapevine wants to solve. If we can do that, the medical practice and the management of individual and collective health will change", Prof. Fenton explains.

Dr. Peter Pokieser manages the Institute of Medical Imaging at Sanatorium Hera and is founder and CEO of Unified Patient Program at the Medical University of Vienna. „The patient-oriented perspective of health professionals, directly to inform, communicate and share education at the point of need, seems to be completely undestimated in current E-Health activities. This has to change as soon as possible“, says Pokieser.  He will advise Grapevine based on his medical expertise and knowledge of IT strategies for medical information, communication and learning systems. Pokieser is also adding his far-reaching network to Grapevine World.

Sasha Borovik graduated from Harvard Law School and has been working as an international attorney and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Washington DC, Munich, Paris and London. As a member of several management teams, including Microsoft and Akamai, he has been leading companies’ growth strategy across the world. He has handled major technology deals, with organizations such as NATO, UN and the EC. Borovik’s legal and cryptoeconimcs expertise as well as his knowledge about ICO processes are a further enrichment for Grapevine.

About Grapevine World
Grapevine World is a global initiative to construct a decentralized, blockchain-based data exchange, for the seamless exchange of healthcare data. It seeks to solve the problem of interoperability in health IT, widely acknowledged as a major obstacle to improving healthcare standards worldwide.
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