FWF: Visiting scientists programme Translational Brainpower - Deadline for applications: 27. 3. 2008

The programme goals and Guidelines for applicants for the Translational Research Programme (TRP) are valid. For "Translational Brainpower" projects they are supplemented by the following additional points:

The goal of "Translational Brainpower" is the close involvement of internationally recognized researchers from other countries of any scientific discipline in scientific projects at the interface between extended and "oriented" basic research and applied research in Austria. In this "brain gain", the potential of the foreign scientists should be utilized in projects funded by the FWF, giving a considerable "added value" and thus contributing to the strengthening of the Austrian research and innovation system.

Target groups:
Scientists of any scientific discipline working outside Austria who already may or may not have contacts to Austrian scientists and who are interested in carrying out a project jointly with an Austrian partner but who are not planning on moving to Austria in the foreseeable future.
Scientists of any scientific discipline working within Austria who are interested in carrying out a research project jointly with a partner who works abroad.

As for Translational Research; the international partner must work for at least nine months in Austria during the course of the project, must enable Austrian project workers to undertake research stays at his/her research institution abroad and must participate in transfer activities in Austria, contributing to the transfer of knowledge to the application sector.

Any scientist working in Austria with the necessary qualifications, sufficient time and the required infrastructure to perform the project; there are no restrictions relating to the country of origin of the international partner (except that scientists working in Austria may not be international partners).
The initiative for the joint project can also start from the international research partner; but the "Translational Brainpower" application must be submitted by the Austrian project partner within the FWF's "Translational Research" funding programme.

Level of support / costs that may be funded:
- according to the project
- average level of support granted per project per year ca. 76,300 Euro.
- in addition to this average level of funding, costs for the international partner will we awarded at an average level of EUR 30,000 per annum (salary and travel costs, together with a contribution towards living expenses).
- No costs will be granted to cover research performed by the international partner or members of his/her groups at his/her research institution abroad.

- maximum 36 months

- The review will be performed and funding decisions taken in accordance with the FWF's procedures and standards and with the rules of the "Bridge" Initiative.
- Start of call: 3 December 2007
- Submission deadline: 27 March 2008
- Financing: the costs of projects with the title "Translational Brainpower" that are approved will be reimbursed to the FWF by the bm:vit via its support for "Brainpower"

For detailed information please see http://www.fwf.ac.at/en/projects/translational_brainpower.html

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