Five years of SCARLETRED

Just the other day we talked to a journalist about the very beginning of our company in 2014 and it was only then that we found ourselves thinking: “Wait a minute, is it already our five year anniversary?!” Time flies when you’re having fun! Today it is exactly five years ago that our CEO Harald Schnidar founded SCARLETRED. Meanwhile he has not only outgrown a pile of the iconic (scarlet)red sneakers people recognize him by, but it also seems like a lifetime ago the company started out with a small team in the lab. Read more below on how it all began, what we achieved and what we are aiming on for the future.

How it all began

Harald Schnidar started the company in 2014 while he was conducting a dermatological clinical trial. He was developing a skin drug to treat severe radiation burns, and he noticed that physicians were only able to perform subjective skin assessments, which was the standard at the time. He saw a need for upgraded technology: “Based on [trial] data, I developed a first skin imaging algorithm, which is after some years now clinically proven, which lead me to develop the Scarletred Vision technology. At that time point, there was no technology in the market, which allows to objectify dermatological assessment. And what Scarletred does is we quantify and allow to quantify skin images by introducing with a mobile app calibration method.” 
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In the previous five years we have:

… won 11 awards
… produced 1,5 million Scarletred®Vision skin patches
… 500 users from industry 
… finished 50 clinical studies
… purchased 20 pairs of (scarlet)red sneakers
… decorated our office with all 128 shades of red (come visit us and see for yourself)

Future plans

Over the last years we grew from a startup to an international company. We successfully finished a recent study with L’Oréal in Brazil, acquired a new client in the United Kingdom with 25 hospitals involved and we are about to start a new cooperation with SeneCura, the leading operator of nursing homes in Central Europe. A lot more exciting projects with leading companies will be announced over the next months. Stay tuned!

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