Evercyte: Products for standardizable and reproducible in vitro bioassays – the latest example: Angiogenesis

Evercyte is the leading provider of standardized in vitro models as well as cell-based assays for Pharma and Biotech industry. The product portfolio now is further expanded by the stable and cost-effective growth factor VEGF165. Thereby, Evercyte can now offer a package including the relevant cells, the growth factor and the bioassay necessary to study angiogenesis, screen for pro- and anti-angiogenic factors and study the pathogenesis of vascular diseases.

The Cells
Reactivation of telomerase in normal endothelial has led to the generation of the HUVEC/TERT2 cell line. This cell line shows a stable and continuous growth concomitant with the expression of typical endothelial characteristics and functions. Thus, HUVEC/TERT2 allows the establishment of standardizable, reproducible and relevant bioassays.

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The Growth Factors
The combination of high quality, above-average biological stability and attractive prices confer the novel, human, recombinant VEGF products an advantage over currently available products. Whether used as medium additives to induce endothelial cell proliferation or in bioassays as positive controls or in bioassays testing pro-or anti-angiogenic factors, Evercyte's VEGFs are a perfect choice.

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The Bioassays
Highly differentiated HUVEC/TERT2 cells together with stable, cost efficient VEGF165 or VEGF121 allow the establishment of bioassays to study neovascularization, the pathogenesis of various vascular diseases, and the potency of biosimilars such as Avastin. Evercyte offers substance testing as well as customer tailored assay development.

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_transcriptome analysis by NGS
NGS data of Evercyte's telomerase-immortalized human cell lines are available for download   
e.g. for HUVEC/TERT2, RPTEC/TERT1, LHCN-M2, ASC/TERT1 and several more

Get the data: http://www.evercyte.com/transcriptome-data

_products of highest quality
all our cell lines are routinely tested for:   

  • absence of bacterial (incl. mycoplasma) and fungal contaminations
  • absence of specific human-pathogenic viruses
  • sustained in vitro growth potential (longevity testings)
  • expression of cell type specific markers and functions
  • authenticity (STR profile) and telomerase activity

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About Evercyte
Evercyte establishes immortalized cell lines that retain key functionalities of the corresponding primary cells and has put a focus on the development of patient specific human iPS cell lines from urine-derived cells, which can be differentiated into any cell of the three germ layers.

Evercyte’s cell cultures find their applications as model systems in basic research as well as in pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries as well as in ecotoxicology. In close collaboration with our clients we also develop novel cell lines from human tissues and establish innovative in vitro test systems to answer our clients’ specific questions.

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