Eucodis: Antibody Drug Conjugate Using CTATTM Linker Technology Shows Superior Efficacy in Xenograft Trial.

CTATTM is an innovative enzymatic linker technology for conjugating different payloads with antibodies, without affecting their specificity, binding properties or stability. In the presented xenograft trial, the tested CTAT-ADC showed superior efficacy versus a commercially available ADC.

An anti-Her2 antibody conjugated to the maytansinoid DM1 using the novel CTATTM-linker technology (“CTAT-ADC”) was tested in nude mice with SKOV-3 cancer cell xenografts for maximum tolerated dose (“MTD”) and efficacy. Three different dosages of the CTAT-ADC were compared to a commercially available Trastuzumab-DM1-ADC (“T-DM1-ADC”, Kadcyla), to naked antibody and to the delivery vehicle. In the MTD part the CTAT-ADC was well tolerated by the animals in a dosage of up to 70 mg/kg body weight. No animals were lost, and only in the highest dosage group a slight and temporary loss of body weight was observed.

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