enGenes to share continuous growth-decoupled production insights at World Biopharm 2023

Recombinant proteins specialist CDMO enGenes Biotech GmbH (enGenes) will be a prominent presence as a scientific contributor to the upcoming World Biopharm Forum in Oxford, England.

The enGenes presentation to the conference will detail the recent progress it has made as part of the ECOnti consortium towards continuous biomolecule production in E. coli for reduced footprint microbial manufacturing.

Biopharma manufacturing innovation

The Austrian Government-funded ECOnti project is seeking to develop an accelerated, low ecological footprint, manufacturing platform for continuous production of biotechnological products that features a fully integrated and automated continuous upstream and downstream process at up to 10 L batch size.

This project goals closely align with the 2023 World Biopharm Forum theme of ‘Democratization of Biotherapies: New Manufacturing Modalities & Intensifications’.

Growth decoupled production

On the final day of the conference, enGenes CEO and co-founder Dr. Jürgen Mairhofer will deliver his presentation ‘Two-Stage Continuous Growth-Decoupled Biomolecules Production Using Escherichia coli – Towards Microbial Small-Footprint Manufacturing’  (June 23, 1100-1130 hrs.).

Dr. Mairhofer commented: “I plan to show the WBF conference how we have been making significant strides towards the ideal of greener and more scalable continuous production, with our proprietary high yield expression technologies -eXpress, -eXtra and -eXcite playing key roles in achieving the ECOnti goal by accelerating yields while decoupling processes.”

Bioprocess modelling

The WBF in Oxford will also hear about another key aspect of ECOnti on the first day of the Forum, when fellow consortium partner Novasign, also based in Vienna, shows how its bioprocess modelling is being developed to accelerates process development and enable digital biomanufacturing.

The Novasign presentation will be headed by its Head of Bioprocess Modeling Consulting Maximilian Krippl. (June 21, 1615-1645 hrs.).

About enGenes Biotech

enGenes Biotech GmbH (enGenes) is a contract research, development and manufacturing company that provides leading-edge technologies and production services focused on recombinant proteins in bacteria. The company’s mission is to provide cost-effective and scalable production of recombinant proteins at a fraction of the current cost, allied to a vision of developing a world-class portfolio of cutting-edge protein production technologies, relevant to a broad spectrum of application fields.

enGenes has developed advanced technologies to drive more cost-effective recombinant protein production processes, including its proprietary enGenes-eXpress™ E. Coli platform that achieves outstanding yields of soluble and active recombinant protein. enGenes-eXpress™ has been successfully applied for the manufacturing of enzymes and biopharmaceutical products that failed to give economically feasible yields in a conventional expression host.

enGenes Biotech offers development and manufacturing services tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical and industrial biotech companies. The services include expression strain and vector development, fermentation process development and optimization, downstream process development, production of purified protein, technology transfer and scale-up support with technology out-licensing and co-development opportunities.


Click on enGenes secure significant funding for ECOnti E. Coli Continuous Manufacturing Project for further information.

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