enGenes technologies deliver cost-effective, high-yield bioprocesses over broad range of for specific Applications

enGenes Biotech has developed a suite of patented technology platforms for the customized production of recombinant proteins, enzymes, bioconjugates, metabolites, small molecules, and plasmid DNA (pDNA) or RNA.

Based on enGenes-eXpress™ technology that enables the growth-decoupled production of biomolecules in Escherichia coli at radically increased yields, platforms including -eXtra™, -eXpand™, -excite™, -eXcess™, and -eXchange™ also allow enhanced expression for desired characteristics. These can include extracellular secretion, expanded genetic code with incorporated non-canonical amino acids (ncAAs), continuous production, pDNA upstream and downstream processing and antibiotic resistance-free biomolecules production.

For more information please visit https://www.pharmaceutical-networking.com/engenes-technologies-deliver-cost-effective-high-yield-bioprocesses-over-broad-range-of-for-specific-applications/ 


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