Dutalys enters research collaboration with a top ten global pharmaceutical company

Pharma company gets option for the development of up to three DutaMab™ products

Dutalys GmbH of Vienna, Austria, a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of fully human bispecific antibodies, today announced the signing of a research collaboration for the discovery and development of DutaMab™ antibody products with one of the top ten global pharmaceutical companies. DutaMabs™ are the only bispecific antibodies expected to retain all the advantages of state-of-the-art fully human monospecific antibodies.

Under the terms of the agreement Dutalys grants to the pharma company a research license for the discovery of bispecific DutaMabs™ and the option to develop and sell up to three DutaMab™ products in all territories. Dutalys will receive technology access fees on an annual basis, as well as milestone and royalty payments for each DutaMab product developed by the pharma company. Further financial details were not disclosed.

“The execution of this agreement, not only with a global pharmaceutical company but also with a major player in the field of antibody therapeutics, is confirmation of the potential value of the DutaMab™ technology to pharmaceutical companies”, commented Roland Beckmann, CSO of Dutalys.

About Dutalys:
Dutalys is a privately owned antibody technology company based in Vienna, Austria. The DutaMab™ technology was developed based on the conviction that it may be possible to create a bispecific antibody technology without the previous limitations, by combining the three essential criteria that would constitute a truly successful bispecific platform: (i) high affinity against all classes of targets, (ii) excellent stability, and (iii) good manufacturing properties, using any of the established and proven production systems. Following ground-breaking research into antibody folding and CDR design, a unique combination of these advantages was achieved and implemented in the DutaMab platform technology, thereby providing a novel class of fully human bispecific antibodies that succeed in retaining all the advantages of state-of-the-art monospecific antibody drugs.
Dutalys was supported by seed financing from aws (Austria Wirtschaftsservice | ERP-Fonds), by research grants from FFG (the Austrian Research Promotion Agency) and ZIT (the Technology Agency of the City of Vienna), and by funding from INiTS (the Austrian Academic Business Incubator). For more information please visit www.dutalys.com.

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