Delta4 Announces Dr. Hans Lehrach to Join Scientific Advisory Board

Delta4, a digital drug discovery company focusing on the identification of new indications for existing drug compounds, today announced that Dr. Hans Lehrach will join its Scientific Advisory Board. Prof. Lehrach is a distinguished scientist in the area of genomics.

„We are excited to have Dr. Lehrach join our Scientific Advisory Board“, commented Kurt Herpel, CEO, Delta4. Herpel added: „His insights and his direction as an eminent expert in genetics and personalized medicine will be a boost for Delta4 as we are accelerating the application of our drug discovery platform and are moving into additional disease areas.”

Dr. Lehrach stated: „Big Data approaches have proven their potential to vastly increase the success rate in the drug discovery and development process. With its e.valuation software platform the Delta4 team is at the forefront of applying this revolution in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.“

As a member of Delta4’s Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Lehrach brings to the Company a wealth of experience both as an eminent scientist as well as in the management of research-based organizations. Over the course of his decades-long career he pioneered ground-breaking experiments and research tools and led renowned research institutions, including the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin. In addition, he was actively involved in the founding of a range of biotechnology companies.

About Delta4's Drug Discovery Platform

Delta4’s drug discovery platform was successfully applied in contract research for global pharma and biotechnology companies. The platform integrates in-silico drug discovery and big data analysis with extensive expertise in molecular biology and clinical development. Due to its unique technology, Delta4 delivers not only drug candidates but also a mechanistic hypothesis about the underlying mode of action, significantly increasing their value for pharmaceutical development.

About Delta4

Delta4 is a drug discovery and development company, combining in-silico drug discovery and big data analysis with extensive expertise in molecular biology and clinical development to a powerful proprietary drug discovery platform.

The Company focuses on the discovery of novel indications for approved drugs (drug repositioning). In 2020, the Company applied its drug discovery platform to additional indications. As a result, Delta4 has readied a potential COVID-19 therapy for Phase 1 development and filed four patent applications for compounds in two indications.


Kurt Herpel, CEO
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