CeMM: Solgate GmbH – a new spin-off company to develop drugs against solute carrier (SLC) proteins

The most direct and efficient way to modulate metabolism is regulating access to nutrients, building blocks and energy through interfering with the function of membrane transporters. Solgate GmbH will develop drugs against solute carrier (SLC) proteins, the largest family of transporters, focusing on the important roles of SLCs in neurological diseases, metabolic disorders and cancer. Through a proprietary discovery platform that combines several technologies, Solgate will efficiently develop novel chemical matter against selected SLCs.

Solgate GmbH, is a new startup company by CeMM, the Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, ÖAW researchers Giulio Superti-Furga, Georg Winter, Stefan Kubicek, Ariel Bensimon, and by TWIST Research Transfer and Development GmbH and IST Austria researcher Gaia Novarino.

Solgate is the first startup born out of a cooperation between CeMM and IST Austria and becomes now the sixth startup company, which has been created based also on CeMM’s intellectual property and know-how. It will be located at the newly established IST Park, a complex for startup companies on the IST Austria campus in Klosterneuburg, and will be supported by funds from the Austrian Business Agency (AWS), as well as by private investors.

The Austrian Academy of Sciences stands for the transfer of new knowledge and basic research at the highest international level. CeMM’s mandate is to pioneer the science that nurtures the precise, personalized, predictive and preventive medicine of the future, and strategically fosters a translational impact of its research for society through technology applications.

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