CeMM: Petition #DEALFORSCIENCE: Keep the EU and UK collaborating in science

EU-LIFE, EuroScience and Wellcome launched a campaign to urge the EU and UK to continue supporting scientific collaboration and to asap sign a research and innovation agreement. www.openpetition.eu/dealforscience #dealforscience

Researchers need certainty on scientific collaboration between the UK and EU. 
Science has been a key success of the EU and must remain a priority to keep Europe competitive. International collaboration makes science stronger and we should not let Brexit disrupt this.

Researchers need a long-term solution to allow them to continue working together on the big challenges our societies face, transforming peoples’ lives for the better. It’s essential that politicians quickly find a way to keep this collaboration as easy as possible.

We call on the EU and the UK to sign a research and innovation agreement as soon as possible. This should include:

  • A commitment by European countries to work together to make the European Research Area a world leader in science;
  • Full researcher mobility between the UK and the rest of Europe for all levels and career stages;
  • A commitment to collaboration, including UK associate membership of Horizon Europe;
  • Co-operation on regulations that support science.

If you agree with the statement above, please support the petition with your signature, and by disseminating it to your network. www.openpetition.eu/dealforscience

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