CD Laboratory for Image- and Cognition-based Precision Radiotherapy opened at MedUni Vienna

Image-guided radiotherapy is a central component of modern personalized cancer treatment

Image-guided radiotherapy is a central component of modern personalized cancer treatment. To further improve this option, the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Image- and Cognition-based Precision Radiotherapy has been opened at MedUni Vienna. The research facility is headed by Barbara Knäusl and Maximilian Schmid from MedUni Vienna's Department of Radiation Oncology.

In their work in the newly opened CD laboratory, the researchers are focusing on increasing the precision of radiotherapy in relation to tumor movement and regression. The focus is also on the systematic processing of therapy- and patient-related data. "This CD laboratory allows us to combine new technical approaches, modern treatment concepts and automated data acquisition," reports Barbara Knäusl. As a result, key aspects of image-guided radiation oncology are linked and can be directly integrated into the clinical decision-making process "Our findings should form the basis for the continuous optimization of therapy. Our aim is to be able to offer all patients individualized radiotherapy," says Maximilian Schmid, summarizing the relevance of the new research facility, which is financed by the companies Brainlab AG, Philips AG and Elekta Ltd as well as the public sector.

Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs promotes cooperation between science and business

Minister of Labor and Economy Martin Kocher emphasizes: "The new CD laboratory for image- and cognition-based precision radiotherapy at MedUni Vienna will make a significant contribution to further improving individualized therapies. A wide variety of data will be linked with the help of innovative technologies and made usable for the treatment process. Scientific progress not only leads to better opportunities in cancer treatment, but also strengthens Austria as a business location."

Renowned companies have been won as corporate partners: Brainlab AG has been developing innovative software and hardware solutions for over 30 years, including in the field of radiotherapy for the fight against cancer, as Claus Promberger (Vice President R&D Radiation Oncology) explained at the opening. Sophie Peereboom (Clinical Scientist MR) presented the potential of Philips AG as a leading player in the healthcare technology sector; the company regularly develops technical innovations for people's health. Elekta Ltd. is another globally active medical technology company on board. In his presentation, Gustav Meedt (Director Research Collaborations, Europe) outlined the background to the collaboration: "Elekta develops cutting-edge medical products in the field of radio-oncology, such as radiation equipment, data-intensive electronic patient records and planning systems for radiotherapy.

"Thanks to the support of the corporate partners and the Ministry of Labor and Economy, another important chapter of application-oriented basic research can be opened at MedUni Vienna," said Michaela Fritz, Vice Rector for Research and Innovation at the Medical University of Vienna, emphasizing the importance of the new research facility. "At the CD Laboratory for Image- and Cognition-Based Precision Radiotherapy, innovative approaches are being developed that enable personalized radiotherapy for each individual patient. The researchers are thus making a major contribution to making treatment even more precise, effective and gentle for cancer patients."

About the Christian Doppler Laboratories

In Christian Doppler Laboratories, application-oriented basic research is carried out at a high level, with outstanding scientists cooperating with innovative companies. The Christian Doppler Research Association is internationally regarded as a best-practice example for the promotion of this cooperation. Christian Doppler Laboratories are jointly financed by the public sector and the participating companies. The most important public funding body is the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs.

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