Brightmind.AI: Short-term study of rTMS for migraine prevention

Brightmind.AI, a pioneering MedTech startup developing personalized brain stimulation for at-home use, specializing in migraine prevention, conducts their first clinical trial. Their neuromodulation therapy approach (magnetic pulses) has been extensively examined (with 600+ patients) and shown outstanding effectiveness in former research already. However, the effect has not yet been demonstrated with devices that will ultimately allow patients to conduct this therapy themselves at home.

Their research aims at translating the scientific advancements, published in peer-reviewed journals, into an at-home solution. Migraineurs are invited to reach out and enroll for the trial (10 sessions á 10 minutes in Bad Vöslau – commuting expenses reimbursed).

Brightmind.AI brings superior (rTMS) migraine treatment to patients’ homes

Migraine is a debilitating neurological condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide, causing severe pain, sensitivity to light and sound, and often leading to decreased quality of life. Brightmind.AI is dedicated to revolutionizing migraine care by developing personalized solutions that offer relief to those who suffer from this challenging condition.

The clinical trial represents a crucial step forward in migraine treatment. Through rigorous scientific research and development, Brightmind.AI has developed a promising therapy that aims to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks by 50% (up to 90%) in more than 90% of patients. These findings are backed by 11 independent studies with more than 250 active and more than 250 sham patients. By participating in this trial, individuals will play an instrumental role in advancing migraine treatment options and contributing to the improvement of healthcare outcomes for millions – and hopefully benefit early from this innovative and promising approach.

Summary of the randomized control trial in Bad Vöslau

  • Ongoing recruitment (15 active and 15 sham patients; chronic migraineurs with no change in medication in last 3 months)
  • 10 treatment sessions in 12 days (in total 5 hours and 30 minutes therapy duration)
  • Migraine diary 4 weeks before & after study period
  • Reimbursement of commuting expenses

Interested individuals can establish contact via

Download invitation to participate in the study

About Brightmind.AI

Brightmind.AI brings clinically proven, self-learning brainstimulation to everyday life. Starting by addressing a literal pain point, migraines, Brightmind.AI’s neuromodulation approach has been shown to be dramatically more effective than currently available solutions, without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Brightmind.AI’s solution will be leveraged in a range of neurological applications, including broader pain treatment, depression, and dementia.

For more details, please contact Theresa Winkler | theresa.winkler(at)

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