BOKU Inventor 2022

We congratulate Nicole Borth (Institute of Animal Cell Technology and Systems Biology) for the BOKU Inventor of the Year 2022 award!

For this award, female inventors are brought before the curtain, not least to be an inspiration and role model for other female scientists, because women are still underrepresented in reporting inventions at BOKU.

Ms. Nicole Borth is a role model for young female scientists, as she is an extraordinarily successful researcher who, as Area Head of ACIB, has lucrated numerous corporate collaborations.

The fact that an Austrian research team succeeded in sequencing the genetic material of the Chinese hamster for the first time is largely due to her years of research and opens up new methods in the development of cures.

During the autumn festival in Tulln on October 12, 2022, the winner was introduced to the audience by VR Obinger. We are allowed to present a personal video, which is part of the award: 

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