BioneXt LAB and Medicus AI launch CoVive, a free CE-certified COVID-19 personalized support and self-monitoring app

Powered by Medicus AI, the globally-available app works to help flatten the curve by relieving pressure on healthcare providers and empowering users with self-assessment, test interpretation, and self-monitoring features

BioneXt LAB today announced the launch of CoVive, a free support and monitoring app developed in rapid response to the ongoing global outbreak and spread of COVID-19. Developed as a global initiative in partnership with Medicus AI, the app is available on iOS and is coming soon to Android.

Available globally, CoVive works to relieve pressure on healthcare systems to help ‘flatten the curve’. By empowering users with more clarity and information about their health, with features for self-assessment, test interpretation, and self-monitoring, the app acts as a reassuring companion and source of reliable information and proposed next steps for users.

“As a lab, we understand the unprecedented pressures on healthcare systems associated with an outbreak, from every angle, and in every city around the world working to manage these new and alarming pressures. Prioritizing clear and meaningful communication with patients has always driven our innovation at BioneXt, and we saw an opportunity to create a service that could be useful to patients and to healthcare providers everywhere. By providing patients with reliable information and actionable steps, the app works to support all stakeholders in the ecosystem,” said Dr. Jean-Luc Dourson, CEO and Founder, BioneXt LAB.

“In a pandemic, people feel scared and have a heightened tendency to panic. The early weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak brought with it an avalanche of misinformation and much uncertainty and very quickly we worked with BioneXt to discuss how we could support and build something useful and meaningful for users. CoVive comes from what we do naturally at Medicus, in providing personalized interpretation and intuitive communication, so this is where we focused the value we could create for CoVive users,” said Dr. Baher Al Hakim, CEO, Medicus AI.

From its HQ in Luxembourg, BioneXt worked closely with Medicus AI to customize and localize CoVive to multiple countries, and in multiple languages, always supported by official local guidelines and local sources to provide relevant and up-to-date information that is in line with each country’s guidelines, contact information, and recommendations.

CoVive is a regulated medical product and is the first SARS-CoV-2 app to receive a CE medical device class 1 certification.

“Completing the CE certification in such a short time was nothing short of miraculous, with our teams working day and night to get it done in record time. At Medicus, we take the issue of regulation and medical certification very seriously, even though the timing was critical, we couldn’t take any shortcuts here,” said Dr. Baher Al Hakim.

CoVive is available to download for free on iOS and is coming soon to Android. In its initial phase, CoVive is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Greek, and Arabic.

The CoVive platform is powered by Medicus AI, a global digital healthcare company working with diagnostic labs, clinics, and insurers that offers a range of medical and CE certified products in its portfolio

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About BioneXt LAB

As a young company, BioneXt LAB stands out for its resolutely collaborative approach, with the objective of using analytical tools and related services to maximize a physician's patient care capabilities.

Focusing on its core business, BioneXt LAB relies on experienced staff and a state-of-the-art technical platform to offer an extensive catalogue of analyses, including routine and specialized analyses.

Our specialized departments enable us to carry out almost all the analyses entrusted to us. Only certain rare analyses are sent to specialized partner laboratories. We also carry out numerous examinations for other laboratories, including hospital labs.

BioneXt LAB brings together a range of skills through selected partnerships for the benefit of the patient and their physician. BioneXt Lab supports companies, individuals and healthcare professionals throughout the healthcare process.

About Medicus AI

Medicus is a fast-growing ambitious company committed to bringing health literacy and positive behavioral change to patients and users everywhere by building innovative tech products that transform businesses and improve people’s lives.

Our mission is to contribute to today’s continuously evolving healthcare industry by changing the way doctors and patients think about health. We have an obsessive and meticulous approach to data privacy and protection, believe ardently in the democratization of health data, and place ethical considerations above all else.

We build products that are smart and intuitive, tell a clear story, and are a pleasure and delight to use. We place the patient and user at the center of everything we do and build products that are meaningful and improve the lives and jobs of everyone in the healthcare ecosystem.

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