BIA Separations and Nuvonis Technologies announce the signing of an agreement

BIA Separations and Nuvonis Technologies announce the signing of an agreement to collaborate on the sales and marketing of their technologies and process development know-how in order to target the business requirements of large, medium and small size vaccine and gene therapy enterprise customers and meet growing market demand.

Business development teams from both companies will collaborate to present the advantages of the initiative's offerings to joint customers. Choosing a well characterized Vero cell substrate and designing a simple high yield purification process is an important strategic element to most vaccine and gene therapy companies.

About Nuvonis

Nuvonis is biotech company based in Vienna, Austria, providing innovative cell banks and technical support for vaccine process development. The Nuvonis team is highly experienced in cell line and process optimization for vaccine production.

The proprietary and fully characterized Nuvonis Vero cells are cultivated without animal derived media or protease additives and are non-tumorigenic beyond the end of production passage. This cell bank can be licensed for viral vaccine and vector manufacturing.

Nuvonis has developed simple and highly efficient virus purification procedure based on a combined precipitation step. This purification method leads to increased virus yield (up to 90%) and low host cell protein and DNA impurity levels.

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