Astrid Launches Its Free Digital Biobank System To Accelerate Personalized Medicine Research

 Astrid today introduced SmartBiobank, its free, online biobank software designed to help clinicians, lab biologists and researchers to integrate translational research elements into one single system. SmartBiobank can store, manage and analyze biospecimen data, clinical data as well as experimental data.

"Based on six years of experience in the biomarker discovery field, we have developed a digital biobank system that is the most technologically advanced system available. In addition to all functions that any existing biobank software offers today, we are embedding reporting, statistical and interpretation functions to assist users in the ultimate goal of biomarker discovery. These built-in tools are experiment and platform independent. They only contain general statistical and data mining tools that we collectively call conservative bioinformatics. Most importantly we offer the system for free.” said Dr. Zsolt Torok, Chief Scientific Officer at Astrid.

Using an intuitive, browser-based technology, SmartBiobank allows multisite collaboration between remote clinics and research groups solving one of the biggest challenges of biomarker discovery research that is the lack of standardization.

"Since the data stored in a biobank require the same security as our money in a bank, we have chosen to keep our redundant servers in a highly secured datacenter in Vienna, Austria. This solution guarantees that no data collected and stored in the biobank will cross the borders of the European Union, which will definitely foster EU collaborations and data sharing.” said Edit Tukacs, Chief Development Officer at Astrid.

Besides SmartBiobank’s free online version, the company also developed a server-based solution for researchers who want or need to store data at their own premises. SmartBiobank Server includes the exact same software as the free, online version and is integrated into a robust and scalable IBM xSeries hardware for the price of 9,990.00 EUR.
SmartBiobank Online and SmartBiobank Server are available from today at

About Astrid
Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, Astrid is a leading European provider of digital biobank systems and bioinformatics services for personalized medicine research. Astrid conducts extensive development activities to create software solutions for research institutions, university labs, pharmaceutical and biotech companies that are involved in translational research. For more information visit:

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