ARCHIMEDlife, a new global player for laboratory diagnostics for Rare Disorders and other niche diagnostic services, receives ISO 15189 accreditation.

ARCHIMEDlife receives ISO 15189 accreditation. The next milestone for high-quality laboratory diagnostic services for patients with Rare Disorders and in niche diagnostic areas.

ARCHIMEDlife announces its ISO 15189 accreditation for Medical Laboratories awarded from the Austrian Government that covers both Clinical Chemistry and Human Genetic diagnostic services in their headquarters in Vienna.

After only five years, ARCHIMEDlife becomes a global player for laboratory diagnostics for physicians and their patients with Rare Disorders and additionally other niche diagnostic services. More than 20,000 physicians from 65 countries already rely on the services of ARCHIMEDlife. The company is dedicated to providing and developing diagnostic services from inborn errors of metabolism to oncological diseases. Their commitment is to offer better and faster high-quality laboratory tests for individuals with Rare Diseases, families and their babies as well as patients under treatment. ARCHIMEDlife has supported the diagnosis of thousands of patients in the last years. Many of these patients have gone undiagnosed for years or even decades, searching for help.

“This milestone shows undoubtedly the ambitions of our multidisciplinary team and experts to reach the next level in providing better and faster, high-quality laboratory diagnostic services,” proudly stated David Kasper, CEO at ARCHIMEDlife. “We started five years ago with a clear vision to improve patient healthcare by the combination of different laboratory technologies ranging from Clinical Mass Spectrometry to Next-Generation Sequencing. We built up a huge knowledge base for dozens of Rare Diseases and continuously expand our services for other conditions such as muscular dystrophies, ultra-rare immunodeficiencies and several inborn errors of metabolism.”

In Vienna, the company runs state-of-the-art medical laboratories using the latest technologies supported by their own IT services to bring the highest level of quality to physicians and their patients. One major focus is the use of Dried Blood Spots for minimally invasive blood sampling. This is particularly beneficial for babies and children and for easy and convenient transportation from all over the world.

ARCHIMEDlife is also ISO 13485 certified as a medical product manufacturer for in-vitro diagnostics and develops its own diagnostic assays. Its R&D team is dedicated to the development of novel laboratory tests and improving existing ones, making actionable health information accessible at the time it matters.

“For most Rare Diseases or complex diagnostic cases, no commercial laboratory test kits are available. In those cases, we have the unique ability to design, develop and validate our own biochemical and genetic assays at the highest industry standards. This enables us to produce the next generation of diagnostic assays including specific quality control materials that are usually not available for in-house developed assays,” explained David Kasper. He adds, “Our tremendous growth and outstanding development as an international medical laboratory would have not been possible without our global collaborations with physicians, clinical researchers and industry professionals specialized in personalized health care. We want to thank all the people giving us their trust and building lasting partnerships”.

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