APEX Ventures launches new fund for European start-ups – APEX One

Venture capital fund APEX One begins investment phase starting with 10 Million (EUR)

After only six months, APEX Ventures was able to achieve the first closing of its early stage technology fund "APEX One" with an initial fund size of 10 million (EUR). The venture capital fund with an EuVECA registration is now starting its investment activities across Europe.

APEX Ventures is managed by three successful angel investors who are bringing their operational and analytical strategies to manage complex portfolios to "APEX One". Christoph Kanneberger, long-time executive director at JPMorgan, Stefan Haubner, former military officer at the Austrian Air Force, and Andreas Riegler, long-time executive at Sony.

"APEX One" specializes in investments in early stage technology-oriented companies. The initial focus areas of "APEX One" are digital platforms / AI, smart data / cybersecurity, FinTech and Future of Work with the potential for above-average global growth. In addition to early stage funding, the management of "APEX One" will provide guidance and support to the start-ups, especially around the strategy and execution.

The average investment ticket is 500,000 (EUR); A total of up to 2 million (EUR) per start-up will be available.

In addition to German institutional investors and European high-net worth individuals, AWS, the Federal Government's funding bank of Austria, has also joined "APEX One" with an initial investment of 2.5 million (EUR).

The fund remains open and can be subscribed by interested investors.

Press contact
Stefan Haubner
Managing Partner
Email: office(at)apex.ventures
Web: www.apex.ventures

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