Angel Valve Project has entered in an R&D agreement with ACMIT effective December 15th 2016

ACMIT – the Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology – supports the Angel Valve Project (AVP) during the complete development process and ensures compliance of documentation with all regulatory requirements.

ACMIT is an R&D center in the field of medical technology with a clear focus on minimally invasive surgical procedures and image-guided interventions. Their activities are complemented by the development of tissue sensors and optical components. The main mission of ACMIT is „from idea to clinical use“. Their development process comprises all steps from concept phase to the development and manufacturing of prototypes, including their clinical testing until release for mass production. ACMIT is certified according to EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001 and pays attention on a smooth integration of new technology into the clinical workflow by appropriate interface design, usability analyses, and the development and manufacture of medical phantoms and complete training systems with associated course setups. More details can be found at

AVP will also benefit from ACMIT’s extensive network to more than 60 company- and scientific partners, including internationally leading medical device manufacturers and cutting-edge medical and technical universities from Europe and beyond.

Learn more about the aws PreSeed project Angel Valve here.

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