amedes expands competence in rare metabolic diseases Cooperation with ARCHIMEDlife

amedes Holding GmbH, a leading provider of interdisciplinary and medical-diagnostic services for patients, physicians and hospitals, announces the cooperation with ARCHIMEDlife. amedes acquires a majority stake in the Austrian medical laboratory based in Vienna with immediate effect.

ARCHIMEDlife was founded in 2012 by Assoc.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. David C. Kasper, former Head of the Austrian Newborn Screening Program, Medical University of Vienna and the Pediatric Laboratories at Vienna General Hospital. The highly innovative company is dedicated to the provision and development of diagnostic services from congenital metabolic disorders to oncological diseases. Using high-tech and sophisticated blood collection methods, such as dry blood cards, the interdisciplinary team with international presence works on fast and precise personalized diagnostic strategies. More than 20,000 doctors from over 75 countries have already made use of ARCHIMEDlife's services.

With this cooperation, the amedes-group expands its competence in the field of rare metabolic diseases and creates synergies with the rapidly growing human genetic segment. "amedes has a strong focus on special medical topics", says amedes CEO Wolf Frederic Kupatt. "These include rare metabolic diseases, the diagnosis of which is often lengthy and exhausting for those affected. With its expertise in this area, the ARCHIMEDlife team represents an excellent addition to our existing range of diagnostic services for treating physicians. We are therefore very pleased about this alliance".

"The cooperation with amedes not only enables us to expand our offer in the important German market", explains Dr. Kasper. "With this broad spectrum of high-quality laboratory services in combination with biochemical, genetic laboratory tests as well as biomarkers, we now also have the opportunity to greatly expand the range of special diagnostics and health programs together internationally".

In recent years, the amedes-group has entered into a number of partnerships of various sizes to expand its competence network. These include mergers with the Fertility Centre Dortmund headed by Prof. Dr. Stefan Dieterle and the Institute for Clinical Genetics and Tumor Genetics Bonn headed by Dr. Nicolai Kohlschmidt. The participation in ARCHIMEDlife is a further step towards the internationalisation of the group.

About amedes Holding GmbH:

The amedes-group offers interdisciplinary and medical-diagnostic services for patients, physicians and hospitals at more than 70 laboratory and practice locations in Germany and Belgium. A total of more than 150,000 laboratory samples are processed daily by specially qualified staff using state-of-the-art science and technology. In addition, more than 450,000 patients are treated by amedes specialists every year. A particular focus is on the field of gynaecological and internal endocrinology. A broad spectrum of services and consulting for laboratories in clinics and medical practices extends the range of services. With more than 3,800 employees - including over 400 doctors and scientific staff - amedes is one of the largest companies in this field. 

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