123sonography Acquires the SonoWorld Website from Inteleos

SonoWorld.com, a leading global ultrasound education website owned by Inteleos, has been acquired by 123sonography, the #1 online provider for ultrasound education. With this acquisition, 123sonography will further solidify its position as the largest active online community of ultrasound professionals in the world with more than 400,000 registered users.

The inclusion of SonoWorld into the 123sonography portfolio aligns the strengths and missions of both organizations by providing top-quality, online educational content to healthcare professionals around the world. Uniting SonoWorld’s vast library of lectures and free educational content with 123sonography’s 120+ hours of premium accredited diploma courses and extensive library of thousands of clinical cases, comprises a clear win-win for global ultrasound professionals.

“123sonography’s mission to provide global healthcare professionals with high-quality education, no matter where they practice, has taken a large step forward today,” said Klaus Mueller, CEO of 123sonography. “We’re thrilled to expand our reach through SonoWorld and bring a new generation of professionals into the 123sonography medical community.”

Thomas Binder, the founder of 123Sonography, adds “with the significant advancements in ultrasound technology and lower cost machines, ultrasound education is clearly becoming the missing link for ultrasound to become the modern-day stethoscope for the global medical community.”

“The combined entity of 123sonography and SonoWorld will be the largest organization in the world dedicated to ultrasound” said Dale Cyr, CEO of Inteleos. “We look forward to collaborating with 123sonography to improve patient care and proficiency for ultrasound professionals worldwide.”

About 123sonography.com

123sonography.com was founded in 2010 and has become a global force in medical e-learning with its headquarters located in Vienna, Austria and a U.S. branch established in Boston, Massachusetts early 2018. Today’s leading online-platform in medical education in the area of ultrasound and echocardiography after achieving profitability in 2013, 123sonography produces film-quality educational content with hundreds of 5-star reviews from customers around the world. The team of 30 employees is lead by founder Dr. Thomas Binder, University Professor for Cardiology and Internal Medicine, and former Google-Manager DI Klaus Müller. In 2010 an official partnership with the Medical University of Vienna was established. 123sonography is working to extend its educational programs to other medical fields across its more than 400,000 users based in over 200 countries. The vision of 123sonography is to make medical ultrasound increasingly accessible to international medical professionals and to strengthen and facilitate Austria’s position in the growing market of medical e-learning.

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