10th Anniversary of CeMM

Blistered dancing feet, tissues wet with tears of joy and the taste of cake still on our lips: the 10th anniversary celebration on September 12, 2017 at the Aula der Wissenschaften was CeMM´s biggest, most spectacular and memorable event we had since the opening of our research building. 

We thank everybody who celebrated with us and who contributed to the success of CeMM over the past years! It is your support and friendship that motivates us to do the best possible research. 

Exhausted but happy, we summarize CeMM´s decennial jubilee as follows: Moderator Annie Kay wonderfully guided the audience through a mixture of overwhelming light and video shows, scientific highlights, guests of honor, musical delights, heartwarming wishes, astonishing theatre and many other special features.

“If I have to summarize what CeMM has done to the city and the community in one word, I would say “inspirational” said Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, city council for culture, science and sport of Vienna.

Together with Helga Nowotny, former President of the ERC, Markus Müller, Rector of the Medical University of Vienna, Klement Tockner, President of the FWF, Thomas Henzinger, President of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, and Jo Bury, Chair of EU-LIFE and Managing Director of the Flanders Institute of Biotechnology, Andreas Mailath-Pokorny took part in a quiz game moderated by CeMM PhD-Student Martin Moder, that playfully highlighted the importance of funding for research. Markus Müller compared the close collaboration of the Medical University of Vienna with CeMM with a happy marriage that he wishes to continue until the end of their days.

Jo Bury held the keynote speech, presenting in his talk CeMM´s ranking in international comparison as well as its role in the EU-Life consortium, an alliance of top research centers created to build and promote excellence in life sciences in Europe. 

From the very beginning of the ceremonial act, members of the Vienna English Theater “Walking Acts” accompanied the guests and introduced with their characters the main research fields of CeMM. Miss DNA, Monsieur Macrophage, Cancer, Bloody Lady, Dame Virus and Mr. Molecule later showed their exquisite art of acting during a short scripted piece on stage, but also supported the whole event with their entertaining impro theatre roles. 

With mind-blowing visual effects digitally mapped over the entire festive hall, the light art collective Lichttapete, headed by Marcus Zobl, accentuated each and every part of the evening programme. Alma, a sublime ensemble of accordion, violin and double bass, who charmed with their winking nod to traditional Austrian folk music, set the musical framework during the celebration act. Subsequently, the world-famous Irish folk band The Dublin Legends brought guests and CeMM employees to hit the dancefloor, where they stayed until late at night dancing to the lineup of DJane Alexandra Augustin. 

We are grateful to Bertram Schütz from Science Communications who helped CeMM organize the event, and to Kriso Leinfellner, Stefanie Lichtwitz and their team for the exhibition designs of the evening and for being a valuable partner for CeMM from the very beginning. 

Last but not least, we thank everyone who contributed to the blue book photo challenge. We will show the winners of each categories, and a selection of the most creative pictures on the upcoming weeks on Facebook. 

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