1. Membership

Do I need to be a member to access the free services offered by the cluster platform and participate in events organized by LISAvienna?

Our consulting services are available free of charge to all life sciences organizations in Vienna. Access to our events is also free of charge.

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2. Funding and financing

What funding is available to help me build my innovative life sciences start-up in Vienna?

You have various options open to you, depending on your start-up’s focus and your specific circumstances. We can discuss the most suitable options for you in a free consultation with the LISAvienna team, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment. You are also welcome to catch us at events we attend and use our list of links to funding opportunities and the overview of current calls for proposals and submission deadlines.

Tip: Before you apply for funding, contact the respective program managers for advice. You should also subscribe to funding agencies’ newsletters and keep up to date on regional and national funding opportunities as well as calls for proposals from the European Commission.

I plan to start an innovative spin-off in Vienna focusing on biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices or digital health services. What support can I access for my start-up, aside from funding?

The details are best discussed in person. Let us advise you free of charge at an early stage in the process – and then stay in touch with us! As an initial guide, here are some options that might be of interest to you. However, you should bear in mind that not every option fits every idea.

Incubators and accelerators such as aws First Inkubator, BOKU:Base, the INiTS incubator – including the Health Hub Vienna platform – and the TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center i2c are important contacts for the preparation phase, as are technology transfer offices at academic institutions, such as MedUni Vienna’s TTO. You should also look into the training and development services offered by your research institution, as many organize helpful training courses.

If your company does not have roots in Austria, the Austrian Business Agency (ABA) is a good point of contact regarding general economic conditions. The Vienna Business Agency’s international business team can also provide you with Vienna-specific advice.

Which private equity companies could I contact as part of my fundraising activities?

We have compiled an overview of private equity companies. This list includes venture capital funds as well as platforms that make it easier to find business angels.

What is “de minimis” support?

In simplified terms, “de minimis” refers to financial aid that is deemed to be so marginal that it does not affect competition or trade between EU member states. Awarding authorities are not required to report this type of support to the European Commission. A maximum of €300,000 in de minimis aid may be awarded per company per member state over a period of three fiscal years. This can easily be combined with support from programs approved by the European Commission. It is important that you find out exactly how any subsidies you apply for are classified and review the legal details. Other important terms relating to support for research, development and innovation are explained here:

What grants does LISAvienna award?

LISAvienna does not award any grants: we have an advisory and intermediary role in the support ecosystem, which means we work to put you in touch with funding providers.

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3. Events

I have registered for a LISAvienna event in Vienna. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to attend. Do I have to notify LISAvienna in advance?

Yes. We kindly ask you to email to office(at)LISAvienna.at to cancel your registration. We operate a waiting list for fully booked events, so letting us know if you are unable to attend allows us to offer your place to someone else. It also helps us adjust our catering provision to reduce food waste and save costs.

I would like to take part in an event on behalf of my Vienna-based life sciences company. I have noticed that a discount is available for members of Austria’s life sciences clusters. How do I claim the discount?

Like all other life sciences organizations in Vienna, your company is automatically part of LISAvienna and therefore a member of the cluster and the wider LISA – Life Science Austria network. There are no formal membership requirements. All you need to do is check the box confirming that you are a LISAvienna / LISA member on the registration form – or use the corresponding discount code. So long as your company is located in the Vienna metropolitan area, you meet all requirements for a LISAvienna / LISA discount.

My organization is hosting a subject-specific conference, seminar or workshop. How can LISAvienna help me promote the event to the professional community?

If the event is suitable for our target group, we will include it in the events section of our website. Feel free to send us information about your event to news(at)LISAvienna.at, ideally in both English and German. We also share selected events with our network in our electronic newsletter and via social media.

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4. Recruitment and job search

My Vienna-based life sciences start-up is developing well and we are expanding our team. Can LISAvienna support me in finding suitable new employees? Does LISAvienna have a job board?

LISAvienna does not operate a job board. However, besides issuing a press release on the milestones reached by your company, LISAvienna can share the fact you are recruiting in our newsletter. This includes a link to the careers page on your website or, if your website does not yet have one, to your job advertisement on LinkedIn or another platform. So, add news(at)LISAvienna.at to your mailing list and keep us updated on your company.

We also provide links on our website to job search engines and info sources that you could use to advertise your open positions. Feel free to check out the Austrian Life Sciences Directory for HR service providers, and make sure to keep your company’s profile up to date.

Tip: Maintain your network and ensure that your company is visible to professional audiences. Offering an attractive website with a prominent careers page, attending events and lectures in person, and making targeted use of social media channels like LinkedIn will help. It’s also important not to underestimate the importance of your existing team’s contacts. You should also give consideration to academic institutions, alumni associations, advocacy groups, scientific societies and online databases. It could be beneficial to engage in academic teaching or offer (FFG-supported) internships and industry-related dissertations to foster contacts with talented students and young professionals. You are also sure to network with potential candidates in cooperative R&D projects, from CD labs to Horizon Europe and career fairs.

I am looking for a job in Vienna, either in the biotechnology sector, at a pharmaceutical company, in the medical device industry or in the digital health sector. How do I find out where to apply?

The life sciences industry in Vienna offers many interesting challenges – in academia as well as at large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, public authorities, funding agencies and museums. Use the links to search engines and info sources on our website and remember that careers fairs and similar events are an ideal way to familiarize yourself with potential employers while you are still at school or studying. Internships and industry-related dissertations may be eligible for funding from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), or you could pitch the idea to a company. It could also be worth considering becoming a member of specialist associations. Check out the Austrian Life Sciences Directory to find organizations in areas in which you have expertise or where you see your professional future. In addition, you can browse the news section of our website and subscribe to our newsletter. We link to the careers pages on the websites of companies and organizations mentioned in our newsletter. Follow us on LinkedIn and attend our networking events to learn more about the life sciences sector in Vienna.

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5. Finding partners

I am looking for partner organizations for research, development, production, sales or other projects in Vienna. Which companies and research institutions are available here?

You are welcome to present your project to us in more detail, which will allow us to propose suitable partners. In addition, the Austrian Life Sciences Directory contains an extensive list of all Austrian life sciences organizations you can filter and search according to your needs.

I would like to sell my product to hospitals, insurance companies or other healthcare providers in Austria. I am looking for information about the relevant processes and suitable partners. Can LISAvienna help?

LISAvienna cannot perform business development, lobbying or marketing activities.

You can contact the following sources for guidance:

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6. Marketing and PR

My Vienna-based life sciences organization reached an important milestone we would like to share with the LISAvienna network. How do I go about it?

Please send your press release about the milestone – ideally in both English and German – to news(at)LISAvienna.at. We will be happy to congratulate you on your achievements, post your news on our website and share it with the Austria-wide LISA – Life Science Austria platform. We include the headlines of selected news items in our electronic newsletter, on LinkedIn or in advertorials. Please note that news items must have a clear link to Vienna for us to share them. We are also under no legal obligation to share your news.

I would like to advertise my product or service. Can I place an ad at LISAvienna.at or in the LISAvienna newsletter?

No, we do not offer these services.

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7. Miscellaneous

I am not sure if my product is considered a medical device. Can LISAvienna help with this?

The categorization of a product depends primarily on its intended use. You should find out about the current legal situation in the EU and your other target markets at an early stage. LISAvienna can help you with this and propose potential partners who may be able to provide more detailed advice.

I am looking for laboratory space for my project, start-up, scale-up / I want to expand my company’s location in Vienna or relocate to Vienna. Where can I find suitable rental space or land to build a laboratory building myself?

Contact us to discuss your needs. We will connect you with the appropriate team at the Vienna Business Agency and make you aware of potential options.

I would like to rent out or sublet laboratory space in Vienna. Can LISAvienna support with this?

Please feel free to tell us about what you are offering so we can pass on your contact details if we receive suitable inquiries. Please note that it is not possible to place ads with LISAvienna.

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