Zeiss: Light Microscopy Training

This course teaches the basics of the professional use of light microscopes for a wide range of material applications. In addition to an introduction to the optics and technology of microscopes, practical exercises are used to learn the procedure for optimum adjustment and the use of various illumination and contrast techniques.

Course Language: German
Location: ZEISS Vienna

  • Overview of the basics of light microscopy (light and optics, contrast techniques and imaging) and detailed knowledge of the working principles of stereo and widefield imaging.
  • Introduction of the different contrast methods (reflected and transmitted light, brightfield, darkfield, polarization) and application according the experimental design.
  • Camera & documentation
  • You can bring your own samples.

Target Group: For researchers in materials sciences as well as laboratory employees in materials testing laboratories and quality testing laboratories for electronic and technical components. No prerequisites necessary, beginner level.
Trainer: Michael Zölffel
Course Fee: 600,- Accommodation for the whole day as well as the usage of all systems are included.
ZEISS Tip: Complete your training with the course Software & Image Analysis. You will benefit from the package price.

Tue, 19.3.2024 | 09:30 - 16:30