Zeiss: Electron Microscopy Training

Master the fundamental principles of electron microscopy and comprehend their functionalities.

Course Language: English or German on request
Location: Materials Center Leoben, Austria

  • The course starts with a quick introduction to electron microscopy. Learn about the special features of an field-emission (FE-) SEM and how to optimize imaging conditions based on the double-condensor design.
  • Advanced topics like ideal microscopy settings for EDX measurements and how to switch between SEM and EDS settings will be covered.
  • You will receive a theoretical introduction followed by practical hands-on sessions with the ZEISS GeminiSEM 450. The course is very interactive and we can address your individual requests. You can bring your own samples.

Target Group: For researchers in materials science as well as lab technicians. Ideal for beginners and advanced users who want to refresh their knowledge.
Trainer: Bernhard Sartory
Course Fee: 600,- Accommodation for the whole day as well as the usage of all systems are included.
ZEISS Tip: Complete your training with the course Correlative & Analytics. You will benefit from the package price.

Wed, 12.6.2024 | 09:30 - 16:30