Austria, 24.4. - 30.6.2023

XBIO training course for bioentrepreneurs

10 session course on how to build a biomedical enterprise

Apply to participate by March 28, 2023!

The program is designed to be rigorous, we expect people to complete advance reading and dedicate time to writing their business plan. The reward is also great, you will have at least a rough version of your business plan in hand, with valuable input from leading experts in the field. PhD students can earn 2 ECTS credits for successfully completing the course.

To get to know the day-to-day life inside a biotech company, the course includes a matching event for internship opportunities in the participating companies.

Academic researchers of all levels, as well as early career professionals who are toying with the idea of founding or joining a biomedical company are eligible to participate. Candidates interested in participating are invited to submit an application. The application deadline is 28 March 2023.

The course is free of charge for members of supporting institutions (ISTA, University of Vienna, Medical University, INiTS, wingsforinnovation, KHAN, IST cube).

For candidates beyond these institutions, there is a participation fee of EUR 1,500.-. Stipends for exceptional participants are available. Please apply to discuss details on your stipend eligibility.


  • Session 1 / Course Introduction: 24.4.2023 4pm-6pm / Medical University of Vienna
  • Session 2 / How to Look at a Biotech Startup Idea: 2.5.2023 4pm-7pm / University of Vienna
  • Session 3 / Discussing Your Ideas: Mentors & Guests: 8.5.2023 4pm-7pm / Vienna Biocenter
  • Session 4 / What Do You Need to Get There? Structure of Business Plans: 15.5.2023 4pm-7pm / Vienna Biocenter
  • Session 5 / Market and Competition: 22.5.2023 4pm-7pm / ISTA
  • Session 6 / IP& Regulatory: 30.5.2023 4pm-7pm / Vienna Biocenter
  • Session 7 / How to Craft a Compelling Story: 5.6.2023 1pm-6pm / University of Vienna
  • Session 8 / How to Build an Effective Team: 12.6.2023 4pm-7pm / Medical University of Vienna
  • Session 9 / Resources and Legal for Biotech: 19.6.2023 4pm-7pm / ISTA
  • Session 10 / Pitch Preparation: 26.6.2023 10am-6pm / University of Vienna
  • Demo Day: 30.6.2023 5pm-9pm / University of Vienna

Additional information on the training, experts involved and on how to apply:

24.4. - 30.6.2023


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