Webinar: Danube Labs Call for Proposals

Danube Labs accelerates research projects on new therapeutics into mature projects ready for spin-out company formation, or out-licensing. Join the webinar to learn more about this opportunity

What we are looking for:

  • Innovative drug discovery projects from Universities and Research Institutes in Central and Eastern Europe (stage of development: at least in vitro PoC, ideally in vivo PoC)
  • Projects with significant commercial potential and medical unmet need
  • Intellectual Property (either filed patents or potential for new IP)
  • Collaborative team spirit

How it works:

  • Submit a 1-3 page overview of your project to us by April 7, 2023
  • We will evaluate your project and for selected projects work with you to create a detailed project proposal
  • Our Joint Steering Committee will decide on Danube Labs awards (ca. 500k€)
  • For awarded projects research work will be carried out by you, Evotec and CEBINA to reach the planned milestones within 6 to 9 months
  • Projects that meet the defined milestones and success criteria will be commercialized (either creating a spin-out company or out-licencing)

Who we are:

Danube labs is a partnership between Cebina, evotec and Cebina Bridge Capital. We provide funding to bridge the gap between academia and industry, translating academic research projects into focused drug discovery programs

Learn more about Danube Labs at:

For any further inquiry, contact us at: info(at)