Vienna, 4.12. - 5.12.2018

We are Developers AI Congress Vienna

WeAreDevelopers AI Congress Vienna will focus on human-machine interactions and will bring together two sides: The academy and the industry.

We will try to answer questions such as: Can we trust computer decisions? How to deal with decisions bias? How can we improve the user experience for machine learning software? And many, many more.

The Artificial Intelligence Congress revolves around the interaction between wo/man and machines. From trusting and rationalizing the black box, to improving the interface through which we communicate with the models.

Are you attending the conference and interested in an update on the life sciences in Vienna? Contact LISAvienna to arrange a meeting! We are happy to discuss opportunities for support and to introduce you to potential partners.

4.12. - 5.12.2018

Hofburg Vienna
1010 Vienna

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