University of Vienna, Faculty of Life Sciences: Sustainability on Campus

The Network CampSus (Campus & Sustainability) invites you to an afternoon in the spirit of sustainability

We want to inform, exchange and explore ways to make the faculty more sustainable.

Starting at 1pm, there will be booths in the foyer about the Green LabsUniNEtZ SDG sponsorshipsScientists For Future, the Global Youth Biodiversity Network, and many more. The Biology & Botany Library (Biology Section) as well as the botanical garden will also be represented; plants can be purchased for a voluntary donation. Isabel Mischka, a botanical artist and illustrator and part of the "Wiener Schule der botanischen Illustration", will do live paintings and talk about the importance of these illustrations for conservation.


  • Robin Foods will hold a workshop on fermenting with "rescued" fruits and vegetables
  • the student representation (StV) will host a clothing swap 
  • Walk around St. Marx - focus on endangered species (2 - max. 3:30pm)*

Talks in the Lecture Hall 2 starting at 4pm

  • CampSus (Campus & Sustainability) Network
  • SDG Partnerships & UniNEtZ
  • the Fridays For Future Sandglass Sculpture 

End of the afternoon together with finger food & drinks from Robin Foods.


* Walk around the biodiverse St. Marx / Focus: endangered species: 2-3:30 pm

In the vicinity of the new biology center, away from every day study life, we are specifically on the trail of endangered species such as the field hamster and Salvia Austriaca. We visit the changing habitats in St. Marx and roll up the conflict fields of urban development and habitat protection. The walk will take place in all weathers, please bring rainwear.

Walk led by Isabella Klebinger a.k.a. Isa Klee @endangeredspeciesadvocacy Klimaschutzpreisträgerin 2020, Mit-Gründerin Initiative Öko Campus Wien

Thu, 17.11.2022 | 13:00 - 18:00

University of Vienna Biology Building (UBB), Vienna BioCenter
Djerassiplatz 1
1030 Vienna

Additional information and registration