TU Wien: i²c Networking Friday 2019

“Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit” of the TU Wien

The event offers the unique opportunity to get in contact with scientists, students, industry representatives, investors, funding agencies and enthusiasts that are part of the startup ecosystem and to network across disciplines.

After the opening, invited talks and a panel discussion, there will be an exhibition of outstanding TU Wien innovations, a pitch challenge and a science slam.

Topics include state of the art curing technologies, passive arm-exoskeletons with optional gravity support, sustainable, standing wave technology, construction technologies for bridge and structural engineering, rapid and cost-effective DNA extraction from bacteria, methods for measuring physical and chemical composition in process streams, 3D digitalization of real places, secure architectures for smart grid operations, nanoelectromechanical systems for highly sensitive infrared and terahertz radiation detection, turbulence suppressing program, EdTech, BioTech, 3D printing.


Fri, 22.2.2019 | 08:30 - 17:00

TU Wien Kuppelsaal
Karlsplatz 13
1040 Vienna

Details on the program and registration