Vienna / online,

ÖAW: KERNER VON MARILAUN SYMPOSIUM 2023 - Seeding the future

The role of tree reproduction in the future of Austrian forests

Forests are increasingly under pressure. More frequent disturbances due to climate change, such as wildfires and windthrows, but also impacts from invasive pests and extensive use are affecting the health of forest communities. Seed production of tree species plays an important role in the adaptation of natural and commercial forests to the new reality, as it drives both the spatial and temporal spread of natural regeneration, but also influences afforestation using seedlings from tree nurseries. In the temperate zone, seed production of common tree species tends to be highly variable between years and synchronized spatially, a phenomenon termed masting. The aim of this symposium is to bring the current state of research on masting to a broad professional and lay audience and to discuss how monitoring of seed production in European forests can be improved, to what extent forecasts can be developed based on historical relationships with weather and other factors, and how such data and forecasts can benefit forestry, conservation, and public health. The event will be held in English.

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