Life Science Get2Gether: New Year's Reception at KPMG - A LSG2G Partner

Research Premium: its role in fundraising.

Research premium: In Austria, 14% of business R&D costs are refunded either as a cash payment or as a tax credit

KPMG tax experts will provide insights into the function and possibilities of the Austrian research premium. During a panel discussion,they will discuss the instrument's role in business funding strategies together with fund managers from IST Cube, and accomplished life science entrepreneurs.

About Life Science Get2gether

Life Science Get2gether is a networking platform for entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, business angels, politicians and service partners who focus on the development of promising life science programs to develop novel therapies, medical devices, diagnostics, platform technologies, preventive medicine and digital health solutions. It is our mission bringing together the community to enhance connectivity between people. Increasing the chances of matching the right people with the right programs.

Mon, 10.2.2020 | 11:00 - 13:00

Porzellangasse 51
1090 Vienna

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