Vienna / online, 4.12. - 6.12.2023

ISSCR 2023 Vienna International Symposium

Elucidating Principles of Development with Stem Cells

Abstract Submission Deadline: 13 September 2023

Exciting advances in pluripotent stem cell-based organ and embryo models provide unprecedented insights into how cells bridge scales to form tissues, organs, and organisms. Leading experts from across developmental biology disciplines will come together to discuss how they leverage the latest stem cell technologies to understand the basic principles of embryogenesis. From tissue self-organization and tissue mechanics to genetic programs, developmental timing, and morphogen gradients, this unique program is designed to unlock the fundamental biological concepts controlling development and ultimately regeneration.

Session Topics

  • Genetic Programs
  • Genome Evolution in Development
  • Morphogen Gradients
  • Tissue Mechanics
  • Tissue Self-Organization
  • Timing of Development


  • Nicolas Rivron, PhD, IMBA - Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Austria
  • Jürgen Knoblich, PhD, IMBA - Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Austria
  • Kate McDole, PhD, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK
  • Paola Arlotta, PhD, Harvard University, USA

The 2023 Vienna International Symposium will be held in Vienna, Austria 4-6 December 2023, and attendees can choose to participate in-person or virtually. Please select the registration that best suits your preferred way to attend.

4.12. - 6.12.2023

Hofburg Vienna
1010 Vienna / online

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