Vienna / online, 11.10. - 12.10.2023

Female Founders: Redefining the Status Quo in European Tech

Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow. is the event where startups, investors & innovation opinion leaders get together to create an inclusive future of entrepreneurship.

Change the game. Not the players.

Without diverse voices, we cannot create an inclusive future. Join us in person in Vienna and have your say about making the European tech and innovation ecosystem more inclusive and open to everyone, who wants to make a positive change in the world. Don’t sit this one out!

Participate online at no cost: For Investors, Startups, Corporate attendees, and anyone else, who wants to be part of the LTST event.

Are you a female-led or gender-diverse startup trying to solve the world’s most pressing challenges? Then we want you! We are looking for 14 European startups (7 pre-seed and 7 seed) to join us in Vienna at the LEAD TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. conference and pitch their ideas to thousands of live and virtual attendees!


Beyond Business: a Holistic Perspective on Entrepreneurial Life

  • (Mental) Health
  • Self Care- & Optimization
  • Family & Work-Life Balance
  • Biohacking

In this focus area we’re looking at entrepreneurship from a broader perspective that goes beyond financial success. As an entreprneur you often face challenges that might affect your mental and physical well-being, relationships, and overall quality of life. So, let’s talk about (mental) health, self care- & optimization, family & work-Life balance & biohacking to get inspired and learn how to adopt a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, so you can thrive both personally and professionally.

Creating a Tech & Innovation Ecosystem: Where Everybody Belongs (DEI)

  • Allyship
  • Diversifying Dealflow & Portfolio
  • DEI Strategy development & implementation
  • Inclusive Company Culture

DEI efforts in tech and innovation must address systemic inequalities that exclude marginalized groups from participating in the industry, while also enabling everyone to be an active ally. Successful implementation of DEI requires a comprehensive strategy that engages all stakeholders – including entrepreneurs, investors operators, and corporates. In this focus topic you’ll learn all about DEI to unlock the full potential of diverse perspectives and experiences, drive innovation and create a more equitable future.

Technologies that Shape the Future

  • AI, Web 3 & Metaverse
  • Sustainability & Impact
  • Inclusive Tech
  • Deep Tech

This focus area will take a close look at current developments in the tech sector and their influence on shaping how we live, do our jobs and interact with each other – like AI, Web3 and Cleantech. The impact technologies already have is massive and will grow drastically, shaping not only the wold of business we (used to) know but also our society. Learn about the hot topics in tech and innovation from various perspectives from leading experts, who’ll map out the world of tomorrow and how to navigate through it.

Navigating the Startup Fundraising Landscape

  • Early-stage Startup Pitch Track
  • Fundraising Status Quo & Outlook
  • Alternative Ways of Funding
  • Impact Investing

One of the core pillars of innovation and entrepreneurship is funding. But what is the fundraising status quo and outlook for 2024, what’s the potential of alternative funding forms, why is impact investing so relevant and how has the current economic situation influenced the ecosystem and its players? This focus area will not only be uncovering which potentials are still untapped and what to expect in the future, but will also bring a diversity & impact lense to the topic of funding. As a program highlight 14 gender-diverse early stage founding teams will pitch their startups on stage to a jury of international investors.

Running and Scaling a Business

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Internationalization: Scaling in new markets
  • Customer-centric brand building
  • Designing for efficiency

Running and scaling a business requires a strong team, a clear understanding of the market and competition, and the ability to navigate challenges and opportunities along the way. As an entrepreneur you must design your operations and processes for efficiency, reducing costs and streamlining workflows to optimize performance. From Internationalization to Customer-centric brand building: the content pieces in this focus topic will equip you with the know-how and showcase of best-practices to bring your operations to the next level.

11.10. - 12.10.2023

Vienna / online

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