Danube Labs Webinar: Call for proposals

We are looking for academic research projects on new therapeutics to mature into projects ready for spin-out company formation, or out-licensing

Danube Labs offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders from CEBINA and Evotec and funding up to €1M

What we are looking for

  • Innovative drug discovery projects from Universities and Research Institutes in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Projects with significant commercial potential and unmet medical need​
  • Intellectual Property (either filed patents or potential for new IP)​
  • Collaborative team spirit

How it works

  1. Submit us an overview of your project using the application form below
  2. For selected projects, we will work with you to create a detailed project outline
  3. Our Joint Steering Committee will decide on Danube Labs Awards (500k€ + 500k€ in kind)
  4. For awarded projects research work will be carried out by you, Evotec and CEBINA to reach the planned milestones within 6 to 9 months
  5. Projects that meet the defined milestones and success criteria will be commercialized (either creating a spin-out company or out-licencing)

For more information and the opportunity to ask us your questions, join our upcoming webinars:

For more information on the current call for proposals, download a flyer from

Download the application form at and submit it to applications(at) by the 6th October 2023