Vienna, 23.9. - 24.9.2019

BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival 2019


 The BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival 2019 will take place at the beautiful Stadtkino Wienin Vienna, Austria for the first time..You will hae the opportunity to watch amazing short films, check out a Brain-Computer-Interface demo and have exciting discussions on both days at Stadtkino. In addition, a Leonardo LASER Talk is scheduled for the evening of September 23 at the Medical University of Vienna.

The theme of this edition is: FUTUREBODY. Neurotechnologies will be our focal points of convergences between: neural networks, the body, mind, intelligence, society, machines, brain-computer-interface, techno-evolution, mind/brain upload and much more…

To make sure you have a seat either for the festival screenings or for the LASER talk, please send an email to registration(at) and let the organizers know when you would like to join the event.

23.9. - 24.9.2019

Stadtkino Wien
Akademiestrasse 13
1010 Vienna

Details on the program