Munich, 2.7. - 3.7.2024

BayOConnect: 10% LISA discount available

As a central platform, BayOConnect brings together visionary thinkers, innovative companies, and life science enthusiasts from the Bavarian biotech landscape and around the world to accelerate the progress of biotechnology in healthcare and medicine.

The event takes place from 2-3 July 2024, in Munich and offers the unparalleled opportunity to connect directly with key players in biotechnological innovation and entrepreneurship, uncover groundbreaking developments, and dive into the dynamic future of biotechnology in Bavaria.

BayOConnect opens doors to an ecosystem focused on innovation, growth, and collective success. Seize the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and applications in biotechnology, make valuable contacts, and forge partnerships that pave the way for new projects and ventures.

Members of an Austrian life science cluster benefit from 10% discount at the time of booking! 
Please contact Liesa Doppler for ticket codes. 

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2.7. - 3.7.2024