Human Bytes signs partnership with ImageBiopsy Lab, awarded ‘Best new radiology vendor 2021’

Human Bytes, focusing on facilitating a quantum leap by unlocking the potential of Artificial Intelligence in the Nordic healthcare sector, announced today it has signed partnership with ImageBiopsy Lab, a world leading developer of artificial intelligence for bone diseases.

Image Biopsy Lab is based in Austria and develops AI solutions that digitize musculoskeletal (MSK) diagnostics and bone diseases providing radiologists and orthopedists with fast, quantitative, and standardized reports. The AI solutions are all CE-approved and provide decision support for conventional xrays for bone-age, knee, hip, leg, hand and spine is under development. All solutions are available from their award winning platform, that is currently installed in more than 150 sites across Europe and the US using more than 300 AI solutions. Conventional Xray is by far the most used equipment in the Nordic countries and

Consistent diagnose and automated reporting

The AI solution from ImageBiopsy is vendor neutral and integrated seamlessly as a zero-click solution in the existing workflow for both radiologist and orthopedics. It is installed locally on the hospital premises, giving full control over data flow and personal health information. It offers automatic clinical measures and reports based on international standards. With the AI platform from ImageBiopsy the physicians get access to a suit of AI solutions.

About ImageBiopsy

Founded in 2016, ImageBiopsy Lab has become the leading musculoskeletal (MSK) AI-supported imaging diagnostic company. We are at the forefront of healthcare's transformational shift and have grown into a successful global scale-up with customers and partners all over the world. Innovation is an integral part of the company’s continuous evolution. Website:  or contact

About Human Bytes

Human Bytes ApS is a Copenhagen based company, aiming to bring artificial intelligence and advanced clinical software into the Nordic healthcare sector. Through partnerships with leading AI developers and close dialogue with healthcare professionals and other stakeholders in the healthcare sector, Human Bytes will unleash the great socio-economic potential that AI has for the healthcare sector. Human Bytes is led by Frederik Baastrup and Ulrik Juul Rokkedal Therkildsen. Stay tuned at 

For more information:

Ulrik Juul Rokkedal Therkildsen
T: +45 21387002

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