LISA VR Annual Report 2006 online

2006 has been a year full of numerous favourable developments in the Viennese life sciences scene.
The following numbers shall illustrate the dynamics of this field:

1 WWTF Science Chair for Mathematics and Biosciences
2 new Institutes of the Austrian Academy of Sciences open their doors
5 companies financed by Venture Capital or Private Equity
6 newly founded Biotech and Medtech companies
15, 6 Mio. Euro funding for life sciences via aws, WWFF and ZIT
> 200 participants at Novartis Campus Party
1.430 visitors at Vienna Open Lab
3.800 scientists working at relevant academic institutes in Vienna
~9.700 employees in the Vienna based life sciences industry Further details and additional highlights from 2006 are provided in
LISA VR's annual report (German only).