online, 9.5. - 12.5.2022

VSCR HEOR COURSE MODULE I: Principles of Health Economics and Outcomes Research and Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Economic foundations and societal background of healthcare decision making based on HEOR and HTA

2 days – 4 hours each


  • Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
  • Health Outcome Studies
  • Health Economic Models
  • Real World Evidence (RWE)

At the end of this 2-days module, participants will

  • Understand the present and future challenges for social health care systems
  • Comprehend in detail the evolving burden of disease
  • Have insights about current strategies to cope with rising costs in health care
  • Understand the impact of data and evidence-based decision making for health care budgets
  • Learn about options how to best prioritize spending in health care budgets
  • Understand how payors will handle tradeoffs in health care spending
  • Learn about the validity of various Health Outcomes studies and the appropriate scenarios to apply
  • Get insight into the various kinds of study protocols and how to choose and apply
  • Understand the opportunities and limits of Health Outcomes studies in view of the clinical and economic context
  • Comprehend the need and value of health economic models and how to apply, read and analyze
  • Comprehend the value and opportunity of RWE and how to use and synthetize them into the present bundle of available (conventional) data
  • Get insight in future aspects of capturing health outcomes data
  • Understand why HTA is a useful process and how it is applied in the context of patient access and health care budget considerations
  • Learn about the concept, the basic principles and the formal process of a HTA
  • Understand the various steps in the HTA process and the dependance on data availability and data integrity
  • Learn how to read, analyze and interpret HTA results and findings


9.5. - 12.5.2022


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