Lexogen Launches CORALL – The New Stranded Whole Transcriptome Library Prep Kit for Illumina®

Today Lexogen announced the launch of the CORALL Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit. This new all-in-one library prep kit can be used for all whole transcriptome analysis applications such as differential expression, isoform quantification, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), and mutation detection.

“RNA-Seq library preparation protocols are still plagued by biased read distribution. Especially start sites are completely absent, but also end-sites are only poorly represented, if at all,” said Alexander Seitz, Lexogen’s founder and CEO. “Staying true to our overall goal to provide fast, easy to use and robust protocols, we are excited to be able to release a whole transcriptome sequencing kit that in addition also shines some more light on these important sequence regions of transcriptome interaction and regulation.”

CORALL is a fragmentation-free protocol and works from as little as 1 ng, up to 1 µg of total RNA. It is based on Lexogen’s proprietary Strand Displacement Stop and Ligation technologies that provide for complete transcript coverage including start and end sites. CORALL seamlessly integrates Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs) facilitating the identification and removal of PCR duplicates, while maintaining excellent protocol-inherent strand specificity (>99 %). The protocol is robust and highly user-friendly, as reflected by early access customer feedback:

“We used the new CORALL-kit for performing transcriptome analysis of CRISPR-modified cells in order to understand the consequences of deregulated epigenetic modifiers. In our hands the kit performance was highly satisfying in terms of data quality and reproducibility across biological replicates. It furthermore convinced us with the ease of use, clarity of instructions, details in the manual and handling of reagents,” says Dr. Max Koeppel, head of the Functional Tumor Genomics Group at Leibniz-Institute DSMZ, Germany.

CORALL kits already include up to 96 i7 indices for sample multiplexing. Optionally, i5 indices can be added for up to 9,216 different indexing combinations. Kits are available in 24 and 96 prep sizes, as a stand-alone library preparation kit or in combination with the RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit V1.2. For dedicated mRNA-seq analyses Lexogen also offers a Poly(A) RNA Selection Kit for use upstream of CORALL.

About Lexogen

Established in 2007, Lexogen is a transcriptomics and Next-Generation Sequencing company, focusing on the development of innovative methods for RNA analysis. Its portfolio already includes multiple innovative and well-established protocols for RNA sequencing sample preparation, external RNA spike-in controls, as well as bioinformatic tools and sequencing services.
Lexogen is a privately held company, headquartered in Vienna, Austria with a subsidiary in New Hampshire, US.
For more information about Lexogen visit www.lexogen.com and follow @lexogen.

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