Ribbon Biolabs Reaches Key Milestone with Automation of InfiniSynthTM Platform for Commercial-scale, Unlimited Length DNA Synthesis

Ribbon Biolabs, the DNA synthesis company, today announced the successful implementation of their innovative InfiniSynthTM platform for the automated assembly of sequence-agnostic and long DNA. Ribbon Biolabs achieved this milestone in collaboration with HighRes® Biosolutions, a leading laboratory automation technology company. The InfiniSynthTM platform enables Ribbon Biolabs to enter the market in 2023 with a highly differentiated approach to providing critical tools for life science research and biopharmaceutical development.

Ribbon Biolabs has developed a novel technology for the fast, automated and high-throughput synthesis of complex DNA. By addressing the growing market for synthetic DNA of multi-kbp to sub-genomic size, an essential component for biopharmaceutical research and development, Ribbon Biolabs aims to become the leading partner for DNA-based solutions and thereby materialize on the disruptive potential of synthetic biology.

“The successful setup of our first automated production line for synthetic long DNA is another milestone allowing us to bring DNA-based solutions to the biotechnology industry on a commercial scale,” said Marc J. Brehme, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer of Ribbon Biolabs. “We value the collaboration with HighRes® Biosolutions that supported the achievement of this milestone which positions us to enable the next wave of innovation in biotech.”

The InfiniSynth™ platform synergizes algorithmic sequence processing by combinatorial optimisation of the synthesis process and leverages robotic automation for exponential enzymatic DNA assembly. This allows for the rapid and reliable production of DNA molecules of more than 10,000 base pairs (bp) in length. With the automated InfiniSynth™ platform, Ribbon Biolabs is now able to offer commercial-scale synthetic DNA, independent of length and complexity, with a fast turnaround time to its partners.

“Synthetic biology is ripe for innovation to expand its potential as an enabler for future life-science discoveries and successful research in the biopharmaceutical industry. Ribbon Biolabs has developed an approach to synthesize long and complex synthetic DNA and we welcomed the chance to collaborate with them,” said Brian J. O’Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Commercial at HighRes® Biosolutions. “With our strength and depth of knowledge in laboratory design and automation, we could contribute to the realization of Ribbon’s technological advances and vision.”

The recent Site Acceptance of the automated production line also marks a key milestone achieved within Ribbon Biolabs' Series A investment closed in early 2022.

About Ribbon Biolabs

Ribbon Biolabs is a synthetic biology leader driving DNA synthesis beyond the limits of current technologies. With our automated, enzyme-based InfiniSynthTM platform, Ribbon Biolabs can provide DNA molecules without size or sequence limitations, at a high level of accuracy and at unprecedented speed. We are pioneering a highly differentiated approach to create value for our partners and for the next wave of innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry.

About HighRes® Biosolutions

HighRes® Biosolutions is a leading global laboratory automation company whose products and people empower scientists to create data factories that connect instrumentation with informatics–from anywhere in the world. By doing so, scientists achieve unprecedented levels of productivity while continually adapting to dynamic scientific, technological, and organizational structures.

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