HealthTech - HHV Meetup: "What do the patients want? A healthtech approach to patient empowerment"

Health Hub Vienna is proud to present this meetup within the framework of ViennaUP`21 Festival, which aims to be one of the biggest startup and innovation events in Europe.

Patient empowerment lies at the heart of all digital healthcare aspirations. Embracing the agency of the patients through encouraging them to participate in the management of their health and care, to communicate their needs, stay informed and actively make use of their data as well as to choose the suitable healthcare provider is a key factor to transform any healthcare system.

Stakeholders suggested that the implementation of systems to support patient empowerment would greatly improve efficiency within healthcare systems in Austria and beyond. Investments in self-care have been shown to put less strain on the system and to also reduce healthcare costs. 2020 showed us that the world is in a dire need of powerful digital health solutions that just need to be implemented.

In this meetup we will focus on the following questions:

  • What is the state of digital health solutions centred around patient empowerment?
    • …health literacy, translation of medical jargon?
    • …data accessibility (to patients and providers), triage and symptom checking?
    • …identifying best provider or point of service?
    • …user experience, gamification or community support?
  • What are the main directions going forward, what steps have we taken and what are next steps?
  • How can we streamline the interaction between the patient and the healthcare system?
  • What is the role of start-ups in building a healthcare ecosystem that is prioritising the patient?

 The pandemic brought not only losses but a huge acceleration in digital health as a silver lining. This progress will not only increase the quality and standards of healthcare but also aims to make the healthcare experience much smoother, more personal, more accessible, more practical and enjoyable for patients in addition to making it more affordable. 

Health Hub Vienna digital health meetup is an informal, open forum inviting stakeholders, clinicians, selected start-ups, and partners to focus on the future and best practice in implementing solutions in order to speed up the adoption of innovation and, thus, change in healthcare. 


17:00   Welcome

17:10   Impulse keynote (tba)

17:25   Panel discussion 

18:25   Online Networking, Sessions with the speakers and Startup Booths

Fr, 7.5.2021 | 17:00 - 19:30


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