online, 21.9. - 23.9.2020

Event Tip: ÖGMBT: Annual Meeting Kick-off

Meet in a virtual room!

You will hear lectures from renowned Plenary Speakers, our Austrian Life Science Awards Austria 2020 winners and get insights into the latest Corona research conducted in Austria. We will feature the Life Science Career Fair and will hear and discuss about cryo-EM and healthy ageing in the 21st Century, as Graz special contribution. Our much appreciated exhibition will be an interactive VirtualExpo (with live chat and live video calls), which will accompany us starting from the kick-off event on throughout the period of all Life Science Tuesdays.

Life Science Tuesdays

Following the Kick off event, our virtual meeting room will open its’ doors for bi-weekly Life Science Tuesdays, where we will spend an afternoon together focussing and interacting on a specific topic – centrepieces will be invited talks, short talks, “Science Flashes” in lieu of posters, workshops/webinars and the VirtualExpo. One batch of Life Science Tuesdays will be held from October to December 2020 and a second batch from January to March 2021.

  • Two Chairs, renowned specialists in the subject, will be the hosts and guide through the afternoon.
  • The topic will be introduced by an invited speaker via live presentation, followed by Q&A. Those who would like to “meet the speaker” can do so following the presentation in a virtual breakout room, limited to a small group upon first come, first serve basis.
  • The best abstracts submitted for the subject will then be presented live as “Short Talks” with subsequent Q&A.
  • What was formerly a poster, is now a “Science Flash”. As attendee you will have the possibility to review the 5 minute pre-recorded video presentation online via the ÖGMBT-webpage one week before the specific Life Science Tuesday. At the very Tuesday, there will be a “Science Flash” session, where you will be able to interact live in a breakout room with the authors of the videos, discuss and ask questions.
  • The afternoon will be topped by workshops or webinars on different topics. 
  • We will offer “coffee breaks” in which participants can visit the VirtualExpo, take part in the Exhibitors Quiz, meet speakers, meet other participants etc.