Networking event supporting cross-border research and business cooperation between technology providers, suppliers, manufacturing companies and researchers from Austria, Czechia and Slovakia.

The manufacturing industry is undergoing an intensive digital transformation. Technologies such as the Internet of Things, robotics and advanced analytics are being adopted by manufacturing companies to upgrade automation and connectivity and boost productivity and customer satisfaction. However, human intervention is still needed for logical and reasonable decision making. To be successful, manufacturers need to invest in artificial intelligence technologies to detect constantly changing manufacturing scenarios and respond in real time with minimum human intervention.

The aim of the event is to present the key trends in artificial intelligence and manufacturing, provide concrete examples how artificial intelligence could be transferred into manufacturing industry, initiate new cross-border collaborations between technology providers, suppliers and adopters and provide information how to get funding for R&D projects.

What topics will be covered?

    • Industrial robotics
    • Data analytics
    • Digital twins
    • Smart maintenance
    • Quality control
    • Logistics
    • Generative design

    Who should participate? ?

    • Software and hardware developers
    • Industrial suppliers and system integrators
    • Manufacturing companies willing to adopt the latest digital technologies

      Why participate?

      • To get to know the latest trends in artificial intelligence and manufacturing
      • To learn how artificial intelligence could be transferred into manufacturing
      • To find out how to get funding for the adoption of digital technologies
      • To develop new project ideas at cross-border level

      Participation in the events is free of charge and each company can be represented by one representative only. We reserve the right not to accept all registrations.

      Due to the current COVID-19 situation in Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia this happening will be organised as a virtual event .

      Do, 4.11.2021 | 10:00 - 16:00


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